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Documented & State Vessel Checklist Reference Only
Ready for Sea Checklist Reference only (PDF file)
Free Download - Adobe Reader for PDF files


Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA)
AMSE Electronic Audiovisual & Library
Animated Boating Knots by Grog
Global Data Base Fish Prices and Services
Global Data Base on Fishes
Heads Up! A collaborative project of Oregon Sea Grant
Marine VHF Radio Channels

Commercial fishermen renewal or applications for radio licenses
Maptech Online Maps and Charts
Off Soundings : A source for
Marine, Fishing Vessel, Safety Information

Port Orford Ocean Resource Team


Definitions for Serious Marine Incident
CFR Title 46, Volume 1

Revised Serious Marine Incident
Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements
after a serious marine incident
Implemented June 2006

US Coast Guard Office(s) of Investigation and Analysis
Drug and Alcohol Program Inspectors

Which Breath Alcohol Testers Are Authorized By
Department of Homeland Security / Coast Guard
To Comply With This New Law?


Communications Equipment per 46 CFR 28.245 (PDF file)
FCC Information (Forms, Fees, Rules)
FCC Registration - Register, Update, Search
FCC Universal Licensing System Online Systems
National Association for Search and Rescue
NOAA Fisheries Permit Directory
NOAA National 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database
NOAA Observer Program
To carry an observer, a vessel must pass
a free Coast Guard safety inspection
through a dockside examination.

The exam is done as a service
and is not a law enforcement exam.

NOAA Online Chart Viewer
NTM Chart Database and Corrections
USA SAR (Search and Rescue) Agencies


Current Light Lists for each Coast Guard District
Chapter 45 Uninspected Commercial Fishing Vessels
Federal and State Regulations and Laws
Nav Rules Book (950 KB PDF file Download)
Title 46 Part 28, Commercial Fishing Vessels


Crab Boat Deck Safety Study Reference Handbook (PDF file)
DSC - digital selective calling -
Registration - Maritime Mobile Service Identity -
MMSI number and interfaced with GPS

Emergency Drills and Safety Training Requirements (PDF file)
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Fact Sheet (PDF file)
First Aid / CPR Training Requirements (PDF file)
Fishing Vessel Safety Liferaft 16 Min Video
General Alarms (PDF file)
Helicopter Assistance & Evacuation Pamphlet (PDF file)
High Water Alarms (PDF file)
How to Test and Store your EPIRB
How To Use Your EPIRB in an Emergency
Hydrostatic Releases for Liferafts & EPIRBS
Life Raft PDF file from Alaska Marine Advisory Program
Marking and Maintaining Lifesaving Equipment (PDF file)
Munitions at Sea (PDF file)
A Guide for Commercial Maritime Industries

Nav Lights and Sound Signals
Personal Locator Beacons
Personal Locator Beacons Registration Database
Taking Maximun Advatage of your EPIRB (PDF file)
Triangle of Safety, Article written by Tim Clepper
US Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner
For Southern Southeast Alaska

US Coast Guard Survival Craft Requirements
Vessel Stability (PDF file)
Visual Distress Signals (PDF file)
When is servicing required for a Liferaft


Homeport - Department of Homeland Security
Local Notice to Mariners - USCG Navigation Center
Lifesaving & Fire Safety Standards Division
Marine Safety Center
Marine Safety Laboratory
National Vessel Documentation Center
National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC)
Port State Information eXchange (PSIX)
Search By USCG Official Number

Search By Vessel Name
Submit NOA (Notice of Arrival) on line
US Coast Guard Accepted Independent Labs Database
US Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Division CFVS References
US Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Division Offices
US Coast Guard Marine Safety,
Security and Environmental Protection


NOAA US Weather - Radar
NOAA US Weather - Satellite
NOAA US Weather - Warnings & Forecasts
Tide and Current Predictor
USA Tide, Moon, and Sun Predictions

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